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  • Centrifugal Screen Basket

  • Centrifugal Screen Basket

  • Centrifugal Screen Basket

Centrifugal Screen Basket

Centrifuge Screen basket is mainly used in centrifuge dewatering, is the key part of centrifuge dewatering equipment. The centrifuge basket is connected with the main machine with bolts through the holes on the upper flange or the lower flange.


The Advantage Of our Centrifuge Screen Basket

- Wear Resistance – Corrosion Resistance – Stable Separation Accuracy – Long Service Life

- The material to be dewatering is applied on the screen surface of the centrifuge basket, with great friction.

- The screen gap between two adjacent wedge wires increases, reduces the separation accuracy of the centrifuge basket, Shorten its use cycle and frequent replacement, which not only increases production costs but also increases the labor intensity of workers.

-The screen slot of our centrifuge basket changes slowly during use, it ensures the separation accuracy of materials, prolongs the service life, reduces the cost of maintenance and replacement, - and reduces the labor intensity of workers.

Centrifugal Screen Basket

The Application Of Centrifuge Screen Basket

widely used in mining, coal, petroleum, metallurgy, fertilizer, grain, chemical industry, food industry, starch processing, sugar processing, wastewater management, sludge dewatering, stone and quarry industry.

Centrifugal Screen Basket


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