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What Should I Do If The Sieve Holes Always Block The Sieve?

Apr. 09, 2021

As a Quarry Screen Mesh Manufacturer, share with you.

Comrade Xiao Cui will answer the question about how to improve the clogging of the sieve hole of the sand-gravel drum sieve. These are some of my personal opinions, for reference only.

The problem often encountered in the clogging of the screen of the sand drum sieve is that if the material is too wet, it will stick to the surface of the screen. The more sticky it will be afterwards. The screen will be blocked after a long time. The materials that need to be sieved stand together are too high for the year to be sieved, and it is easier to stick to the screen surface. For example, some sieved stones are covered with stones, but they are still a little damp, soil and stones. The bags are connected together and it is not easy to sieve apart. If a water flushing device is installed on the sand trommel sieve to wash the stones out of the annual soil block, the mud will be washed on the screen of the sand trommel sieve. The more wars there are in the future, over time, the screens of the sand trommel sieve will be blocked.

In daily life, there are many kinds of materials that need to be screened by the sand-gravel drum sieving machine. It is inevitable that there are many kinds of materials that are not easy to screen, have relatively high viscosity, and are easy to block the screen. There are two solutions to this problem.

Quarry Screen Mesh

Quarry Screen Mesh

1. The size of the materials and the materials that need to be sieved are classified in advance, and the sieve holes of the sand and gravel drum sieve are all customized. The sieving classification is based on the size of the material. The sieve holes are set in the classification, and the larger ones are selected first. The materials are screened for medium size, and then the smaller materials are screened at the back, so that the respective materials are screened out.

Second, there is another kind that will not block the screen no matter what problem is encountered. It is to install an anti-virus drying net brush on the sand drum sieving machine. You can brush it off and use it without fear of any materials. Very convenient.

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