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Aluminum Wire Mesh

Aluminum wire mesh is widely chosen for its relative affordability compared to other metals, as well as for its low weight compared to steel or stainless steel. Aluminum wire mesh is about a third of the weight of a stainless steel mesh with the same specifications, It is very useful for lightweight screening applications like air vents. TIANHUI manufactures and distributes a wide range of sizes of aluminum wire mesh and wire cloth for various types of projects.


Aluminum is largely considered the most popular non-ferrous metal in the world, and as such, aluminum alloys are commonly used in the wire mesh industry. Aluminum alloys are composed primarily of aluminum, and also contain other elements like copper, magnesium, manganese, or silicon.

Aluminum woven wire mesh is lightweight; in fact, a good rule of thumb is that, when compared to its stainless steel counterpart, aluminum mesh is approximately 1/3rd the weight of stainless. Aluminum wire mesh is also corrosion resistant in most normal environments but will corrode quickly in the presence of alkaline solutions and hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids. With an estimated melting point of 1218°F, aluminum has many benefits, including a relatively low cost compared to other meshes. Aluminum woven wire mesh is a popular choice for a wide array of industries including aerospace and automotive, as well as marine and electrical conductivity applications.

Features & Uses

People gravitate toward aluminum wire mesh because it’s both lightweight and strong The material is key to the construction of many vents, fan guards, and strainers. Plus, an aluminum fan guard keeps small birds, bats, and snakes at bay.

Aluminum is a frequent go-to choice for its relative affordability, boasting lower price points than some other metals. Its high electrical conductivity makes it perfect for a variety of applications, and it resists corrosion in most normal conditions.

Industrial, marine, aerospace, transportation, and many other industries, turn to aluminum wire mesh for its distinct advantages. Its uses include:

8 mesh excludes bees from attics and other housing spaces. (5 mesh excludes queens.)

8 meshes and finer keep exhaust fans free from detritus and insects.

Sizes including 20 mesh are an invaluable part of roof air vents.

A range of aluminum mesh discs can filter, strain, and perform other essential tasks inside pipes, ducts, and tubes.

Aluminum may have a lower cost compared to other metal meshes for your project. Many industries use aluminum wire mesh, including construction, aerospace, marine, industrial, and custom manufacturing. Contact us and we can make the recommendation for which type of metal mesh you should use for your project.


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