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Mesh Disc

TIANHUI is able to supply a variety of wire mesh discs in different alloys and a wide range of diameters. We can offer wire mesh discs, circles & rectangles. Wire mesh disc sizes available range from just a few mm in diameter to as big as you need. The most economical method for fabricating precise discs and simple flat shapes is the process of stamping (“blanking”). Most of our mesh discs are cut from rolls of wire mesh with readily available punch and die sets.


Wire Mesh discs serve as spare parts for rescreening filter plates in horizontal centrifugal filters or as fitted components in filters for polymer filtration. In large sizes, they are used as fittings in air separation systems and chemical equipment.

They are manufactured to specified dimensions using plasma/laser cutting or punching technology. Besides dimensional accuracy, the cleanliness of the mesh discs is a particularly important quality criterion. Depending on customer requirements, the meshes are cleaned with ultrasound and degreased prior to processing. The flatness of the mesh discs is guaranteed by special pretreatment of the mesh prior to cutting. Clean and safe edges are ensured by adapting the cutting system settings and tools accordingly.


· Available for all wire meshes ( Plain Weave, Dutch Weave, Crimped Weave...)

· Diameters from 3 mm to 5,000 mm

· Very accurate disc diameters ( +/- .002 inch)

· XRF material alloy verification

· Video microscope measurement

· Discs with an ID hole ( donuts)

· Production through laser/plasma cutting, punching or cutting to size

· Safe edges

· Cleanliness and flatness

· Instant quotes, drawings, part numbers

Note: We can also laser cut complex shapes.

We stock our materials and custom cut all orders in our manufacturing plant.


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