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Expanded Metal Mesh

Expanded metal mesh is formed by slitting and stretching process. With the characteristics of solid, durability and multipurpose, expanded metal mesh is widely used in every walk of life, especially the architecture and industry. Expanded metal comes in four basic types: standard expanded metal, flattened expanded metal, decorative expanded metal and expanded metal grating.


Expanded Metal Mesh

Specifications of Expanded metal mesh

-Thickness: 0.3mm– 10.0mm

-Strand: Customized

-SWD * LWD: 2*3, 2*4, 3*5, 4*8, 5*10, 7*12, 8*16, 10*20, 16*30, 18*30, 20*40, 25*50, 30*60, 40*80, 45*100, 50*100, 60*120mm, 125*300mm etc.

-LWM(Width): Less than 3000mm

-SWM(Length): Coil or customized sheets.

Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel Aluminum 1060, Aluminum alloy 3003, 5005, etc
Stainless Steel 201, 304, 316, Brass, Copper

-Surface treatment:
Standard, Powder coating, Painting, Anodizing, PVDF Painting

Expandable metal mesh is available in a variety of thickness and strand according to the applications and projects requirements. It is also available in a variety of surface, standard (raised) and flattened (smooth) surface. We also can make the design expanded tooling suitable for many architectural metal and decorative metal uses. The most common type that we can produce include carbon steel expanded, aluminum expanded, stainless steel expanded metal mesh etc.

Expanded Metal Mesh

Expanded Metal Mesh

Applications of Expanded Metal Mesh

● For protection, it with high strength used as fences, railings, guards and grills, covers.

● For partition, used at homes, in offices and outdoors and in doors of various structures to make good use of space.

● For decoration, used as stair and walkway railings at homes, facades, etc.

● For screening and filtering, with accurate sizes used as screens in oil industry, sand & gravel plants and as filters in gas vent of vehicle or drilling for oil.

● For ventilation and heat dissipation, with larger openings used as flooring in places high requirement on ventilation and heat dissipation, such as equipment rooms.

Expanded Metal Mesh


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